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When you join a course at SKY ISLAND FARM, you can start using your new skills right away. We believe in only teaching necessary content, which means everything you learn will be practical and easy to apply.


Farmer Training Immersion Week Long Course

Getting your Hands Dirty!

 A.  PLANNING YOUR SMALL FARM : "The Down and Dirty Beginnings"

       1. CSA vs. retail

       2. Market analysis in your area

       3. Locating and acquiring financial assistance

       4. Crop selection for profit

       5. Produce Safety Certs

       6. Getting GAP for contracts

       7. Organic certs and are they worth it?

B.  MARKETING:  "Dollars and Sense"

      1. Finding your niche or what will distinguish you from the rest

      2. Strategic use of social media

      3. Photography as a marketing tool

      4. Farmers Markets/ Stand set-up and display

      5. Growing for stores and restaurants

      6. Acquiring your customers and retention

      7. Passive income opportunities

C.  GROWING TIPS:  "Let's Talk About Plants!"

      1. Soil preparation for a new farm

      2. Maintenance and targeted fertilization

      3. Planning your crop rotation

      4. Bed preparation

      5. Planting- direct seeding VS. transplanting

      6. Seed procurement and storage

D.  GROWING TIPS PART ll:  "And the Beat Goes On"

      1. Weed suppression techniques

      2. Harvesting

      3. Creating a cold storage

      4. Operation and maintenance of farm tools and adjuncts we've found useful

      5. Tips on running a CSA 

      6. Packaging and delivery


      1. Use of greenhouses

      2. Growing in a colder climate

      3. What to do to get through the long winter, ie...growing indoors, microgreens

      4. Preparing ahead for the growing season



Lodging and Requirements

-Lodging will include a stay in one of our 12x14 wall tents that are equipped with a woodstove, cookstove, cot to sleep on and access to toilet facility and access to fresh water for cooking and drinking.  You will need to bring food for your own lunch and dinners , a cooler to keep it in as well as a sleeping bag, work clothes, boots, towels, hygiene stuffs,  and whatever else you may need!  

-Make sure your shoes cover your whole foot and prepare for hot days and make sure to have sun protection.  While it doesn't get hot here all the time, it does get hot occasionally!  We also have close  access to rivers to swim in as well after a long day of learning and working. 

-You must let us know if you have any food allergies!

-You must be able to lift 40 lbs

-You MUST have your Vaccination against COVID-19!!

-NO Dogs, We have guard dogs that like humans but not other dogs

-No Children under the age of 15 can attend, please inquire about bringing children over 15yo

-No drinking during work hours and absolutely NO DRUGS!

-Turn in time is 11pm sharp!  We get up early for learning and working!!

-Must sign a liability waiver upon signing up! 

Lastly we hope you have a wonderful time and can bring this knowledge back to your communities and empower yourself to grow food!!


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